COVID19 : Taiwan’s good practices

7 deaths in one Year for more than 6 millions Habitants : How they did it ? :

                                            There are reasons to hope for 2021

  1. Taiwan

I would like to start with the Corona pandemic, of very mysterious origins, and the generally catastrophic and bureaucratic management of the Western European countries, especially France’s!

There are many examples of countries who handled the pandemic rationally and intelligently and has proved to be much more convincing. Here, I would only like to mention the example of the Island of Taiwan, neighboring to China from where the virus started. In Taiwan, the situation has held up remarkably well with barely 7 deaths for more than 6 million inhabitants. And yet Taiwan did not use the strong force of its great and menacing neighbor, Communist China: no closed cities, no jailed journalists, no jailed whistleblowers, no walled-up people. People in Taiwan did not follow the French “counter-model” either, which will undoubtedly go down in the annals as the tragic blooper of a drifting bureaucracy: recklessness at the start of the pandemic with a country open to the four winds, in particular for travelers from China, incongruous denial of “useless” masks, only because the State did not possess enough, stupid measure of economy decided by the notorious incompetents of the Ministry of the Economy of “Bercy”, renewed stocks; then a President who announces to us -in a ridiculous message- that we are « at war against a virus », navigating between ridiculously severe confinement to the point of requiring an exit certificate to bring out a dog, then  »a relaxation” during the summer, to return in autumn in closing small shops and permanent opening of supermarkets and online sales, unimaginable restrictions on freedoms, programmed death of restaurants, bars, museums, theaters and other places of life, until the fiasco of vaccinations, making the country the red lantern of Europe.

When they got information, they immediately send a Delegation to Wuhan. First the chonese communists refused, but after they accepted. The taiwanese Delegation came and couldn’t see anything. So they understood that the regime was hiding something very serious .

The Taiwanese, with the experience of the SRAS and CCP lies, were wise and well inspired. Short after cases of COVID-19 were increased during January in Wuhan, they immediately closed their borders hermetically with this region, then to all of China.The entire population began to wear masks manufactured « Made in Taiwan », their industry was being set in January to produce massively. Hence, as early as April, they started giving them to African and Asian countries that requested them and also sending them to Italy, Spain and the USA. The few cases identified have been isolated and treated, also using ancient methods of traditional Chinese medicine. 7 deaths …

There has been no confinement, no closure of schools or restaurants, no ridiculous certifications to go out or especially any measure of restriction of freedoms in a country which considers democracy and freedom to be the fundamentals of its society. The economy has not stopped, and the Taiwanese have behaved in a responsible and united manner.

This success story leads me to believe that the failure of European democracies is not inevitable and that the model of resilience is not the one of the Chinese dictatorship, as some would have us think, but Taiwanese democracy. A Republic headed by a woman, Tsai Ing-Wen, which is not insignificant because the other good example is New Zealand with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Women resist better, that’s a fact!

A proud, freedom-loving people, a united nation, can overcome the worst menaces. It is true that the inhabitants of Taiwan, whether they are from the island or descendants of the Chinese mainland, who were fleeing the advent of Red China in 1949, have learned to live under the permanent threat of their totalitarian neighbor, including with viruses from Wuhan. Those called the « nationalists » (the Kuomitang party) became defenders of their small independent nation. The President was elected based on her desire to declare her independence from Beijing.

Many people in Taiwan are convinced that there has been somewhere, accidentally or not, human manipulation in the spread of the virus. This is not only the opinion of the people; it is also that of some of their scientists!

Will there be a serious threat to the sovereignty and the freedoms for the people of Europe to wake up? We have no shortage of threats hanging over our heads: pandemic, Islamism, and also Chinese imperialism which is knocking on our door through the appearance of a “global” EU-China agreement which will deliver our countries to the state investors in Beijing.

The example of Taiwan in its « good » management of COVID can guide our thinking about the future of our European democracies. Democracy can rhyme with efficiency, liberty with responsibility, unity with resilience, nation and reason.

Henri Malosse

Publié par HenriMalosse

Européen engagé et libre - Enseigne l'histoire de l'Europe - Chairman of TheVocalEurope -30ème Président du Comité Economique et Social Européen (2013-2015)

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