When EU is selling itself to China’s Communist Regime !

Pushed by Germany for its industrial and Trade Interests, EU has signed between Christmas and New Year’s eve the most advantageous possible Deal for the Chinese Regime : See here the consequences for Europe

When Europe sells itself to Communist China: The remarkable gifts from Brussels to the Chinese Communist Party!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the draft EU-China Investment Agreement: « When the Europeans are selling Europe to Beijing »/ “Quand les Bureaucrates de Bruxelles et de Pékin se donnent la main”. However, since the agreement was signed on the 27th of December 2020, every day we learn a little more about a document that holds many surprises in store, ­–going far beyond what I could have feared:

The sacrifice of the Uighurs, Tibetans and other dissidents!

As has already been stated in my previous articles, Brussels has accepted a vague declaration from the Chinese Communist Party on « sustained and continuous efforts to ratify the Convention of the International Labor Organization (ILO) against forced labor”. Criticism regarding the labor camps where millions of Uigurs, Tibetans and other dissidents are held, was the main reason for this declaration. Who are they trying to fool?

In other words, we know that Beijing is used to unfulfilled commitments:

To provide an example, China had an agreement with the British government to guarantee the autonomy of Hong Kong for 50 years, until 2047. However, in the last two years, China has carried out an almost total takeover of the territory by the use of laws that suspends democracy and allow the imprisonment of protesters.

Angela Merkel, in order to ensure business and industry opportunities from the Chinese market (cars, machine tools and other goods), has convinced her European partners to turn a blind eye to the reality of the Chinese concentration camps. Furthermore, if European investors profit from the cheap labor of political prisoners, the most ferocious capitalist-communist regime in the world on human rights and which does not hold any freedom of association, well it is still good for them!

Incredible concessions granted to China, of which the United Kingdom could not even dream about!

In terms of the control of public aid (the so-called state aid), in the name of the “sacred” competition law, we discover with amazement that Brussels is much less observant with the subsidies from Beijing to its state-owned companies than towards London for possible aid from the British Liberal government to its businesses!

You have to pinch yourself to believe it…and yet it is true:

Thus, the agreement would specify that the EU would turn a blind eye to any aid granted by the communist state to its companies, which are investing or carrying out operations in Europe below 533,000 € – (450,000 DSR which is the international unit of measurement used by the IMF) – For the United Kingdom, the deductible is only 325,000 DSR, around € 400,000!

And how do you compare the possible subsidies from Her Majesty’s Government to a few British companies that would participate in public contracts in the European Union with Beijing’s aggressive policy of sweeping all the big public contracts in Europe by reducing prices and posting cheap labor hands: Port of Piraeus, Port of Zeebrugge, Airport in Warsaw and Toulouse, Market of the 5G etc…?

The advantage of Chinese public companies is so obvious that the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) has sounded the alarm to Brussels! The results? The European Commission is going even further… by benefiting Chinese companies, which are already privileged with very low wage costs, because they belong to the Chinese Communist Party… Much more generous to the Beijing’s bureaucrats than to the United Kingdom’s, a 45-years Member of the Union! Astonishing, no?

To continue, in China no private companies exist! We recently witnessed that the state privatized the retail giant Alibaba simply because its CEO and creator, Jack Ma dared to criticize the financial management of the country’s Party. The latter has physically disappeared for 3 months. Perhaps he also joined the Uighurs, whom he exploited, in imprisonment camps! Beautiful country!

China’s commitment to limit its subsidies to companies was also the subject of a commitment from Beijing when it joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, a commitment that was not fulfilled! But never mind, Brussels have trust!

« Stronger than the Polish Plumber »- We will have the Chinese Encoder on our territory

Stronger than the « Polish plumber », who was authorized to come and work on the whole European territory by the European Directive « Posting of Workers » for more than twenty years. Now we will have the engineer, the encoder, the computer scientist, the Chinese economist who will be able to come and work in Europe for up to 3 years with easier entry and residence procedures! The simplified procedures will therefore allow state-owned Chinese PC companies to second engineers, encoders, computer scientists, managers and undoubtedly specialized workers, under Chinese conditions, to work in the companies they have bought or on the job markets that they will have won thanks to price and social dumping! A new disaster for employment in Europe!

British citizens will not benefit from these favors either! Incredible but true!

A colossal victory for Beijing

The EU-China investment deal can be characterized as a « colossal victory » for China, wrote Janka Oertel, Director of a think tank specializing in Europe-China relations. The European Commission seems to be completely in Beijing’s pay. Has Ursula Von der Leyen become Xi-Jinping’s People’s Commissioner in Europe?

Another revealing story: we also learned that the same President of the European Commission spoke out against the possibility for an EU Member State (Victor Orban’s government) to buy COVID vaccines from Russia on the pretext that this would break the European solidarity of group purchases by Brussels. But the same Ursula Von der Leyen, unflinchingly, has just authorized on January 15th Viktor Orban to buy the Chinese vaccine; double standards, and yet nothing is too good to please Beijing.

Be awakened, be opposed!

Let us, therefore, ensure that the parliaments of Europe and the 27 European nations refuse to ratify such an unbalanced text, and, let’s face it, a despicable one! But a day will come when we will have to investigate the reasons for this submission!


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