When EU is selling itself to China’s Communist Regime !

When Europe sells itself to Communist China: The remarkable gifts from Brussels to the Chinese Communist Party! A few weeks ago, I wrote about the draft EU-China Investment Agreement: « When the Europeans are selling Europe to Beijing »/ “Quand les Bureaucrates de Bruxelles et de Pékin se donnent la main”. However, since the agreement was signed onLire la suite « When EU is selling itself to China’s Communist Regime ! »

vaccin’s deal : What the European Commission want to hide ??

WHAT the EC Commission want to Hide on the vaccin’s Deal ? As the European Parliament has issued complains about lack of transparency,, finally the European Commission accepted to present the contracts to EP Health Commission with some restrictions: 45 minutes lecture maximum; no copy or photos, some paragraphs deleted ! UNBELIEVABLE The more theLire la suite « vaccin’s deal : What the European Commission want to hide ?? »

Righ2Water: The first-ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative

On 16 December 2020 the European Parliament adopted the Directive on drinking water, 2 months after its approval by the Council. Through this legislation the EU can endorse the provision of water and sanitation as essential public goods for all. The directive is the result of the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) “Right2Water”, which was launchedLire la suite « Righ2Water: The first-ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative »

COVID19 : Taiwan’s good practices

                                            There are reasons to hope for 2021 Taiwan I would like to start with the Corona pandemic, of very mysterious origins, and the generally catastrophic and bureaucratic management of the Western European countries, especially France’s! There are many examples of countries who handled the pandemic rationally and intelligently and has proved to be muchLire la suite « COVID19 : Taiwan’s good practices »

Appeal to block the EU-China Deal

Appeal to STOP the EU/China Deal on Investments : Ratification shouldn’t happen Why EU-CHINA Investment’s deal bring European Economy in danger ! The EU leaders, namely Vonderleyen, Macron and Merkel, have underlined what a big major success was the new EU-China global comprehensive agreement signed just before New year’s Eve They have insured that EULire la suite « Appeal to block the EU-China Deal »

When the Europeans are selling Europe to Beijing !

.. A comprehensive China-Europe agreement by the end of the year! The honeymoon between Beijing and Brussels has been going on for years! A remarkable allure: The high hierarchy of the European Commission and a few other minor institutions have always been fascinated by the red dictatorship of Beijing. Brussels continues to strongly criticize VladimirLire la suite « When the Europeans are selling Europe to Beijing ! »

The Taxonomy, the new trend of the european Bureaucrats !

The “Taxonomy”, the new invention of Brussel’s Bureaucrats! While the Europeans, worried and confined, are depressed, that an economic and social crisis of unique magnitude awaits us in deconfinement, and while the European recovery plan is blocked by the obstinacy of some to put conditions under purely political and ideological reasons, what is the EuropeanLire la suite « The Taxonomy, the new trend of the european Bureaucrats ! »